About Us

Anissa & Alex

About the Owners

Best friends, Anissa Craig and Alex Brooks are co-owers of 912 Brew.

Since she was a young child Anissa always loved cooking and dreamed of opening a small restaurant. Alex had always dreamed of owning a gift shop. Recently, after a few years of managing a company together contracting with a big corporate giant, they realized it was time to do something more rewarding and decided to start a business together.

Alex was born and raised in Savannah and lived here his whole life. Anissa was born in NJ.  In 2010 She was stationed at Fort Stewart's Winn Army Community Hospital. She fell in love with the area and moved back after separating from the Army.

They both share a goal of making 912 Brew part of the community, a place where people love to come to relax and grab some good food and drink. They would love to support other locally owned businesses and are always looking for ways to give back and support the local community.

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